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Australia Immigration - Subclass 489: Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa Program

 If you are someone, who is looking to live and work in lesser popular regions of Australia, this program has been designed especially for you. These provinces would have fewer populations. It is a program for Permanent Resident Visas. And in the Ability Pick Portal, you need to apply your Expression of Interest.

 If your profile in a rural area of Australia meets the criteria, then you can receive a nomination from that specific province. You may use this nomination to apply to Australia for your PR.


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To be eligible for this category

 You need to have relevant experience with the domain

 In the skills evaluation, they scored a minimum of 65 points out of 100.

 Factors that determine the points
The Age (below 45 years only)
Educational Education
Language Proficiency
Profile of Spouse

 Your occupation should also be part of the Australian declared occupational demand list at the time of application.

Additional Details

 This is a permanent resident visa program that allows you to live and work for the stipulated period in a specific region/province.

 This program was intended to draw professionals to provinces/states in Australia where there is a need for a specific profile. You are free to move to any part of Australia after that time.

 Australia offers education free of charge until 12th grade. Your kids would qualify forever to get this.

 You automatically qualify to become a sponsor once you are a PR holder to invite your relatives/friends who you feel will be qualified to work in Australia.

 If you live in Australia for four years on a PR Visa with off and on travel, you qualify for Australian Citizenship.

How Fynd Global can help you

 To ensure your safe migration to Australia, we review your profile to assess which areas we need to focus on.

 We prepare your application as required and submit the same in the Portal.

 To understand what they need, we assist our clients.

 At every point, we update the status as needed. Via our in-house CRM to which our customers have access, we provide constant contact.

 With the support of our Australian partners, we provide pre-travel counselling to ease your journey.


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