SINP Program

Founded In 2014 Chennai, India

The Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Application Program – part of the SINP

 The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is known for its skies. This province delivers a beautiful artistic delight thanks to its vivid skies. Much of Saskatchewan is protected by green fields. The local indigenous people had historically named the Saskatchewan River in their language, and this province was named after it. This province is underpinned by a healthy economy. Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries are the primary economies of the province. You can invest in any company or start-up in Saskatchewan. After you clear the protocol as described in the Saskatchewan Provincial Regulations, you will be nominated by that Province to apply for a Canadian PR.

Expression Of Interest

 The applicant, a high net worth person or an enthusiast farmer, or an entrepreneur would have to apply his Expression of Interest (EOI) via the Saskatchewan portal to do so. You need to send supporting documentation together with the EOI. EOI is not an application type. EOIs are chosen based on the points and rating system.

Invitation To Submit An Application

 After the EOI has been scrutinized, the Saskatchewan authorities will give you an invitation telling you to apply your application for an appointment.

 Once all the proceedings are taken care of, you will be eligible to apply for Temporary work Permit (TWP), which would be required for you to conduct your operations there.

Business Process Agreement

 Once you arrive in Canada with your TWP, you will have to agree with the Government of Saskatchewan and collaborate with the designated business house to comply with the provisions of this BPA. This must be done within 18 months of its arrival.

Nomination For PR

 Once you fulfill all the requirements of the BPA and are actually residing with your family (the applicants) in Saskatchewan, you will be nominated by SINP to apply for the Canada PR with the Federal Government.

 To qualify for this program you need to be a person of a minimum net-worth of CAD 500,000 and should be able to invest a minimum of CAD 300,000 in Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan or a minimum of CAD 200,000 in other parts of Saskatchewan.

 Among others, you will also have to have a prior business management experience. You should also be able to prove your language proficiency.


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