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Spain Immigration

 Spain is one of the world’s leading nations for the development and production of renewable energy. Spain’s geographic location, popular coastlines, diverse landscapes, historical legacy, vibrant culture, and excellent infrastructure have made the country’s international tourist industry among the most important destinations in the world.


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 In the last five decades, international tourism in Spain has grown to become the second-largest global destination in terms of paying worth approximately 40 billion Euros or about 5% of GDP in the recent future. Spain is the number one destination for a lot of people around the globe considering relocating abroad for a healthier lifestyle and a better climate. The numbers of foreigners moving to and living in Spain grow per annum. There are compelling reasons for this, and first and foremost is that Spain promises us a tremendous lifestyle that we could only dream of.

Basic Requirements

 While each country has different requirements, there are certain documents that almost all of them ask for. These include:

 A valid passport

 Travel itinerary including accommodation and flight details

 Academic, Business and professional credentials

 Evidence supporting that you plan to return to your base country after conducting your business

 Evidence of adequate financial resources

Documentation for Visa

 Filled-in application form

 Two recent passport-size photographs, no older than six months

 A valid passport (valid for at least three months)

 Police clearance certificate issued by the Passport Office

 Proof of sufficient income to cover the stay

 Proof of accommodation

 Travel medical insurance

 Copy of the work contract signed by the employer and the employee

 Proof of independent work through a contract between the self-employed individual and the other party (for independent workers)

 Air ticket reservation

Get Expert Support

 As one of the world’s leading business visa & migration consultancies, FyndGlobal can help you create a business visa application with high chances of success. A dedicated visa consultant will be appointed to your case and will assist you throughout the process. Our support includes:

 Declaration regarding sufficient and sustainable financial resources for the duration of the stay (stated in the application form; the authority may request supporting documents)

 Document checklist

 Complete business visa application support

 Assistance with collecting supporting documentation

 Visa Interview Preparation – if required

 Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate


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