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Germany Study Student Visa

 The educational system of Germany is world-renowned. The first thing is that university education is 100% free in Germany. In Germany, there are very few universities that charge fees. The schooling here is focused more on practical learning and experiences in real life. As part of education, a lot of emphases is given to research.

 As such, Germany is known as the centre of cars. This part of the globe produces the most advanced, innovative cards and bikes. Germany is also famous for other sectors like banking, manufacturing industries, and others.

Why Study In Germany?

 Free education in most universities.

 The programs and degrees from a German university have international standing.

 The quality of education in these universities are top class.

 Education in Germany mostly focuses on research and practical application of the learning.

 It is part of the European Union, and the job market is quite vibrant for students studying in Germany.

 TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) of Germany regulates the education system in Germany. It ensures that students obtain quality and contemporary education.

Required Test

 Tests to prove your English and German Language Proficiency.

Cost Of Education

 The cost of education in Germany is pretty low. However, the living conditions expenses may come to around 20,000 euros per annum.

Permanent Residence

 Students are allowed to take up an 18-month residence permit after college, during which time they need to search for job opportunities in Germany.

 The individual can take on any work during such a time to support oneself in Germany.

 Once they are in the workplace, they can receive a work permit or other residency permit in Germany.

Work Prospects

 International Students can take up 120 days full day work and 240 days of half-day work.


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