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New Zealand Study Student Visa

 One broadly lucid definition of enjoying studying is choosing to study in New Zealand. New Zealand is a beautiful island country with amazing sports activities for adventure all around. Most New Zealand universities are known for their professional standards and the wide range of studying fields offered.

 New Zealand has also been the hub for the filming of several videos. The country's topography is conducive to learning, living, and enjoying life in New Zealand. The nation gives a tad more opportunities for students enrolled at local colleges than other refugees.

Top 5 Programs
in New Zealand

 Business Engineering




 Information Technology

The Program

 Intakes into the Program February / July

 Course Duration

 Undergraduate Program 2-3 years

 Post Graduate Program 1-2 years

 Cost of Education NZD 14,000 – 23,000

Why Study in New Zealand – (Study Benefits section)

 New Zealand lets you view the term 'Tranquillity' on a new level. New Zealand's every nook and corner is mesmerizing. Each mountain has something remarkable to offer its tourists. In New Zealand, they still play and learn together. Universities in New Zealand provide their students with quality world-class education and degrees obtained at these universities are recognized worldwide. It's a top-class awareness.

 Fresh Zealand has top universities recognized in the global.

 Enjoy while you study in New Zealand.

 Simple Fee structures, with career openings available to pay the cost of your education and many choices, make New Zealand a good place to learn, work, and play around.

Education Policies in New Zealand- (Education benefits section)

 Most schools and universities of New Zealand are autonomous bodies with minimal influence from the Government. The Government’s role in education has been restricted to being a support pillar for the education leaders, teachers, and education providers. However, the Government sets up annual objectives for the schools and universities.

 Most schools are Government Funded. The fee structure for 18+ is well-balanced keeping in view the needs of the students. The Education system follows the certificate to Ph.D. awards for the participants. Each degree is provided based on the individual’s knowledge, its practical application, the research is done and related documentation.


 Most universities have defined their own set of criteria for the students to get admitted into their universities. However, below are a few common mandatory requirements to be fulfilled by the applicant student:

  •  Provide your academic records
  •  Should be able to reach the Language benchmark set by the Education board
  •  Provide your medical and criminal background history
  •  Apply along with a copy of an essay/a statement that outlines the kind of research work you are interested in and you have taken up or about a project you were involved in.
  •  The application should also mention two academic references from your previous education institutes and a copy of the thesis/project documentation (not required for all universities).
  •  A notification of approval will be sent to you by email with the assistance of which you will continue to apply for your VISA after you fulfil the criteria of the university.

Required Tests

 IELTS or equivalent Tests accepted in the New Zealand Universities

Accommodation Facilities


 In rooms/dorms/rentable rooms within the vicinity of the University

 Rentable rooms/shared rooms in apartments or houses

Cost of Education

Each university has its own requirement and the cost varies accordingly. However the minimum fees for:

 Post-graduate program is NZD 19,000 per annum

 Under the graduate program is NZD 18,000 per annum

 Diploma courses are NZD 14,000 per annum

Work Prospects

 International students would have to apply for a job visa following their studies.

 After completion of education, if they obtain their graduate employment, they can stay in the UK on the same visa for 4 more months. However, they will have to convert the existing Visa to a Work Permit at the earliest possible.

 In New Zealand, though, their work opportunities are high because of their professional experience.

Permanent Residency

 International students would have to apply for a job visa following their studies.

 After that, they must obey the process of the PR program as specified for internationally qualified professionals.

 In New Zealand, though, their work opportunities are high thanks to their educational background.

 Fynd Global helps students reach out to the universities in New Zealand. We ensure to fulfil your dreams to relocate.


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