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Temporary work Visa

 A temporary work visa lets you work temporarily in a country. There might be visa conditions on your visa that only allows specific work or work with a certain employer.

 A provisional visa is also a temporary visa that provides a permanent pathway. You may be able to apply for a permanent visa related to the provisional visa.


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 This liberal program allows eligible foreign workers to work for a specified period. However, their employer will have to show evidence of shortage or lack of suitable permanent residents to fill the jobs. They will have to prove that this appointment will not have any adverse effect on the labor market.

Temporary Work Basic Visa Requirements

 A Temporary Work visa is one of the most popular choices. Applicants belonging to certain categories may require a work visa. The time taken for processing the application and approval and requirements varies based on the work, applicants will do. Usually, foreign workers may have to procure a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from Service. Also, the employer should be authorized to employ a foreign worker, as per LMO. Post these approvals, the applicant can apply for a work visa. In some cases, applicants may also have to undertake a medical examination.

Temporary Work Visa Entitlements

 Temporary Worker visa holders are permitted to work and live for a limited period, generally between 6 -24 months. During the stay, the visa holders’ family (i.e. spouse and children) may also be allowed to study and work. The visa holder will be allowed to work for the designated employer in the specified role. However, they may utilize the opportunity to get the visa extended, if they want to seek employment. In addition, workers can apply for permanent residence.

 This liberal program, instituted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows eligible foreign workers to work in Canada for a specific period.

 However, to work in the country as a temporary worker, individuals must be aware of the following essential information:-

 Your employer may be required to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to recruit you. LMIA is a document from Employment and Social Development / Service that allows your employer to hire a foreign worker.

 Your recruiter may have to pay a recruiter compliance fee and submit an “offer of employment” form to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) via the Employer Portal. (In case you are exempted from the LIMA process, your employer must follow this step before you can apply for a permit).

 There is no need to submit any documents from an employer in case you are applying for an open work permit visa. Bear in mind, that if you are exempted from the LMIA process and receive approval for an open work permit, you will have the liberty of working with an employer who is not a part of the list of ineligible employers.

 You must meet the admissible requirements to enter, stay in the country and obtain a work permit.

 A temporary worker visa does not allow you to permanently reside in. To do so, you must prove your qualifications under an immigration category as a permanent residents.

 Your dependent children, spouse, or common-law partner are eligible to accompany you to, and, if they wish, they can apply for a job or study visa.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for temporary Visa?

 Convince the immigration officer that you shall leave the geographical boundaries at the end of your temporary work visa.

 Demonstrate your ability to financially support your and your accompanying family members during your stay in and the return journey to your home, Obey the laws of the country.

 Furnish a police clearance certificate stating that you have no records of criminal activities.

 Prove that you are and shall not be a danger to the Country’s security.

 Furnish proofs that are you are in good health by submitting medical reports.

 Prove that you shall not serve an employer who nones on the list of ineligible employers.

 Prove that you do not have any plans to serve an employer who, regularly, provides striptease, escort services, erotic dance or erotic massages.

 Demonstrate that you have not worked in the Country for one or more periods which total up to four years after April 1, 2011 (some exceptions apply).

 Provide the immigration office with any other documents that shall prove your worth to the country and the employer hiring you.

Get Expert Support For Your Temporary Work Visa

As one of the India’s leading Temporary Work visa & migration consultancies, FyndGlobal can help you a Temporary Work visa application with high chances of success. A dedicated visa consultant will be appointed to your case and will assist you throughout the process. Our support includes:

 Declaration regarding sufficient and sustainable financial resources for the duration of the stay (stated in the application form; the authority may request supporting documents)

 Document checklist

 Complete business visa application support

 Assistance with collecting supporting documentation

 Visa Interview Preparation – if required

 Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate


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